A Photo Gallery of Prince of Peace People, Places, And Events.

There are many events and people involved in Prince of Peace. Here is a glimpse of some of them.


Our bazaar is an annual event including Lesfe making and selling.

Lefse Making for Bazaar. 2001. 

Lefse Making for Bazaar. 2018. 

Lefse Making for Bazaar. 2006. 

Lefse Making for Bazaar. 2010. 

Katrina Spaghetti Benefit.  2006. 

Katrina Spaghetti Benefit.  2006. 

Prime Timers.  2006. 

A Small Angel. 2010. 


Prince of Peace Fellowship.

Baseball Fellowship.  2010. 

Coffee & A Smile. 1975.

Aboard the Christian.  1975.

Aboard the Christian.  1975.

Vacation Bible School.  2018. 

Beautiful Quilts.  2010. 

Holiday Food Baskets.  2010. 

Manning the Coffee Stop.  2010. 

Sacraments, Rites, & Practices

Special Events at Prince of Peace.

Lord’s Supper.  2018. 

Confirmation. 1975.

Baptism.  2010. 

He Has Risen. Good Friday 1975.

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